Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bad Blogger

I am officially, a terrible blogger.  I have let too many excuses (and not even good ones) keep me from blogging.  I PROMISE to be better!

Just to catch you all up:
  • Wes is still unemployed, but has filed a claim with BP so we are waiting to hear back on that.  He has also been told to just be patient because his complany is sure something else will become available in the future, just not sure yet what/when/where it mat be....
  • I have been subbing a good bit and am really enjoying it!  I have had to stretch my comfort zone a little--I'm used to teaching 2nd grade and have been subbing in 5th and 6th grade classes.  These kids are as big as me!  And I can't be as soft spoken as could with the younger ones.
  • Wes and I went to Orange Beach, AL last weekend to celebrate a friend's birthday.  It was so fun getting to go away for the weekend and relax.  It was COLD, but still lots of fun. 
  • When I was subbing today, something terrible happened.  We heard all the ambulances going to this wreck.  They were seniors from a nearby town that had been to Ole Miss for a career fair.   My heart breaks for those families and that whole school system. 
So, sorry again for my lackluster blogging performance.