Friday, March 18, 2011

I am alive...

Wow...Can't believe I've let so much time pass without posting.  A little catch-up:
  • I started teaching for a 3rd grade teacher who is out on maernity leave.  It's nice to be in the same classroom everyday and have more of a routine.  Once this teacher returns, I'll be moving on to do a 5th grade math teacher's maternity leave.  
  • Next Saturday, I am going to a Prospective Employee Job Fair for the local school district.  I have already made some connections that I hope will help with finding a job for next year closer to home.  (I'm driving an hour each way to sub).  
  • Last weekend, Wes and I went back to Anniston, AL (where I grew up) to move my mom out of my childhood house.  WOW-my mom kept everything I had growing up.  It was nice to go through things and see stuff I had forgotten all about.  
  • While we were there, I got to see my best friend, Megan, and her husband.  I have missed that girl SO much!  
  • I CUT MY HAIR!!! Susie (my hairdresser who also did my hair for my wedding) was so nice to work me in on Saturday.  I will not let anyone else touch my hair.  Guess I'll keep driving 4 hours back to AL for her!  I don't have a picture of my hair because I'm on Spring Break and haven't put on makeup or done my hair. UGH.....And now Blogger won't even let me upload my inspiration picture!  But, I took in a picture of Lauren Conrad when she had a shoulder length bob.  

Since Blogger is not cooperating, I'll try again later.  I promise I won't take another month-long hiatus.