Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bad Luck Betty

Sometimes I feel like if it can go wrong, it WILL go wrong for me.
Today I had a short break from tutoring so I decided to run home and get a quick snack. I left my purse in my car, so I just stuck my phone in my back pocket. Before leaving, I made a pit-stop to use the restroom. As I pulled my jeans down, out came the phone into the toilet...
I left it for Wes to doctor and see if it was salvageable. I came home tonight and it's completely shot. He tried rice, blow dryer, whole nine yards. I've only been phone-less for about 8 hours and I've realized how addicted I am to my iPhone. I feel so out of the Twitter/Facebook loop!
I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll be able to go to AT&T and get a new phone or see if they know some iPhone magic that can bring mine back to life.
Oh, and did I mention both Wes's and my computers are on the fritz. Mine won't hold a charge and his isn't recognizing the IP address or something.
Almost forgot, his shoddy iPhone too....his is the old kind and it won't hold a charge either. Knock on wood, my iPad is still working!
We are definitely an Apple family but lately our luck has sucked!!
Hope y'alls day has been better than mine!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I GOT A JOB(s)!!

I started this blog with the intention of keeping track of the events in my life being a newlywed.  To be perfectly honest, there wasn't much worth blogging about up until now.  Sure, I was subbing but that didn't exactly warrant many updates.  Wes's job situation has been bleak to put it nicely.  So, I just abandoned this blog before it ever really got up and running.
Hopefully the great news I have gotten in the past few weeks will change that!!

First, I was contacted about tutoring for the Ole Miss athletic department.  (Very Miss Sue/Michael Oher ala The Blind Side)
And yes, I am even tutoring some pretty well-known athletes!  It is really fun and a welcome challenge.  I have 8 student-athletes a day and am helping all of them in the same class--Elementary Statistics.  It has taken a little while for me to remember some the concepts--variance, standard deviations, z-scores, etc.--since it has been 10 years since I took that class.  
*Speaking of 10 years--my class (all 32 of us that graduated in 2001) had our 10 year HS reunion last weekend.  I already had plans, so I didn't get to make it.*

The other BIG EXCITING news is that I got a teaching job for the Fall!!!!!!!!!! After sending out what seems like hundreds of applications and resumes, I was called for 4 interviews.  One of those was at a local school, and the other 3 were all 30 minutes to an hour away.  Needless to say I was really hoping for the local school to work out.  It is a wonderful school in an outstanding district.  It was also the first interview I had, so I feel like I was not at my best because I was SO nervous.  I went on the other 3 interviews and felt really good about all 3, but the driving was just going to be so much.  I was actually offered 2 of the 3 jobs.  I was able to bide some time and not answer one way or the other for a few days.  Then, I got the call to come in for a second interview for my DREAM JOB!  That was Monday.  Today I was called and told that I would be recommended for hire as a first grade teacher at the next school board meeting!  To those of you not in education, that is really just a formality.  Rarely does a school board not approve a principal's recommendation.  

To say that I am giddy/ecstatic/thrilled/relieved would be the understatement of the century.  
I will not say where exactly I will be teaching next year for privacy reasons...there are some creepers on the internet!
But, stay tuned for more frequent blog posts.  Kids make great material!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What I'm Wanting...NOW!

I have been lusting after some aviator sunglasses for some time now.  I think I may bite the bullet and order some after my next paycheck.  (Have I mentioned how badly it sucks to be living paycheck to paycheck?  REALLY praying hard for both Wes and me to find full-time jobs SOON!  Substituting just isn't cutting it.)

Here are the ones I am currently swooning over.

Tory Burch Rounded Aviator Sunglasses--$145

Ray Ban Aviators-$140

David Yurman Waverly Aviators- $325

D&G Combo Aviators-$149

I think I am leaning more toward the TBs.  Shocker, I know!  I really wish there was some place around here where I could actually try them on.  I guess if they are huge on my face, I can always send them back. 

Do y'all wear aviators? What kind? Any suggestions that maybe I haven't thought of?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter!

I absolutely love this time of year.  
The weather, 

the new springy clothes, 
(there are just too many cute dresses to pick just one to show....)

baseball season,

blooming tulips, 
All images via Google

all of it! 

Of course, this weekend, I'll be thinking about the real reason I love this season- Easter. 
I got my early Easter present from my Mom today.  She asked me last week to look at Tory Burch for something I'd like.  Well, needless to say I found about ten somethings.  I have loved my sand colored Miller sandals SOOOO much, that she got me the black ones with the square logo! 
Tory Burch
Yes, I know I am so lucky to have a mom that spoils me like she does.  I'm an only child and realize how good I have it!

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Monday, April 18, 2011

 I wanted this...
Clarisonic Mia- $149          

Instead I got this...
Olay Pro-X Cleansing System- $30
Maybe, if I like the results, I'll shell out for the real deal.  Just wanted to try one out before I dove in and spent all that money that could be used on something else *think new Thora flip flops*

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Alumni Advisor

This Sunday I am going to my first AAC (Alumni Advisory Committee) meeting for my sorority.
I am SO excited!  I loved being in a sorority in college, and since I now live back in my college town I thought it would be a great way to get involved.  
I am not really sure yet what my role will be.  I know the year is winding down so it will probably not really start until next Fall.  Either way I am looking forward to it.  I'll probably be the youngest alum there (only 6 years out of college) but I figure I'll be able to relate to the girls and know more about what it's like since things have changed a lot since the '70s-when most of the AAC members were in college.  

Monday, April 11, 2011

Another month and no new post...Wow!  I really am a GREAT blogger, huh?
So to catch you up on life...
  • Finished the 3rd grade maternity leave.  I really loved it and so enjoyed being back in the classroom.  I have a week or 2 off before the next maternity leave starts.  I'll enjoy getting to spend some time with Wes (who has still not gone back to work. UGH!)
  • The Job Fair I went to a few weeks ago was not too promising.  I was really hoping I would have gotten a good feeling about getting a job here next year.  But, that wasn't the case.  There were  hundreds of people there for maybe a dozen jobs.  
  • There is a rumor around the school I am subbing at that there may be a sixth grade position open next year.  I would LOVE to get that, but as any of you who are teachers or work in schools know, you can't always believe what you hear. FINGERS CROSSED!
  • I have started posting a few OOTD pictures on Twitter.  It is definitely out of my comfort zone.  I am not always the most trendy dresser.  In college, my friends would make fun of me for dressing like a teacher to go to the bar.  And I sometimes dress more like a 45 year old mom, not a 28 year old newlywed.  Follow me on Twitter to see (click on the button on my sidebar), you just have to promise not to laugh!
  • I am loving the fact that it's finally warming up and I can wear sandals!  I need to rotate my closet and get some of my Spring/Summer cloths out of storage.  I'm going to try to not overspend on new clothes and just work with what I already have.  It'll be hard.  I have already seen so much at Anthro that I want!
  • Wes and I have been doing P90x for about 3 weeks now.  He seems to think he can already tell a difference in his clothes. Damn, men...  But, I can actually do a real push-up now!  That's a definite improvement!  I'm going to stick it out and hope to see some results before I put this flabby body in a bathing suit!  
Sorry for the long post and no pictures.  I left my computer at my mom's last week and am using Wes's so I don't have any of my pictures.