Saturday, April 23, 2011

What I'm Wanting...NOW!

I have been lusting after some aviator sunglasses for some time now.  I think I may bite the bullet and order some after my next paycheck.  (Have I mentioned how badly it sucks to be living paycheck to paycheck?  REALLY praying hard for both Wes and me to find full-time jobs SOON!  Substituting just isn't cutting it.)

Here are the ones I am currently swooning over.

Tory Burch Rounded Aviator Sunglasses--$145

Ray Ban Aviators-$140

David Yurman Waverly Aviators- $325

D&G Combo Aviators-$149

I think I am leaning more toward the TBs.  Shocker, I know!  I really wish there was some place around here where I could actually try them on.  I guess if they are huge on my face, I can always send them back. 

Do y'all wear aviators? What kind? Any suggestions that maybe I haven't thought of?


  1. I love all of those! I have the Ray Ban aviators and love them! :) I wanted the smaller RB aviators originally but when I tried them on I didn't like the way they looked. I got the in between size (not the largest version) and LOVE them..

  2. Alas...I tried on some aviator glasses the other day and they just don't look right on me. Wish they did though b/c they're awfully cute.

  3. I have Ray Ban aviators. I'm not sure which style, but I love them. Seriously, lurve!

  4. I have the RayBan Aviators- love them- just think they will be classic forever

  5. I am wanting a pair or costa del mars! The aviators are so cute, but definitely don't look good on me.

    I gave you an award in my post today! (:

  6. I want Ray Ban Aviators. I love my other pair of Ray Bans because they're so tough... I have a tendency to break sunglasses!