Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bad Luck Betty

Sometimes I feel like if it can go wrong, it WILL go wrong for me.
Today I had a short break from tutoring so I decided to run home and get a quick snack. I left my purse in my car, so I just stuck my phone in my back pocket. Before leaving, I made a pit-stop to use the restroom. As I pulled my jeans down, out came the phone into the toilet...
I left it for Wes to doctor and see if it was salvageable. I came home tonight and it's completely shot. He tried rice, blow dryer, whole nine yards. I've only been phone-less for about 8 hours and I've realized how addicted I am to my iPhone. I feel so out of the Twitter/Facebook loop!
I'm hoping that tomorrow I'll be able to go to AT&T and get a new phone or see if they know some iPhone magic that can bring mine back to life.
Oh, and did I mention both Wes's and my computers are on the fritz. Mine won't hold a charge and his isn't recognizing the IP address or something.
Almost forgot, his shoddy iPhone too....his is the old kind and it won't hold a charge either. Knock on wood, my iPad is still working!
We are definitely an Apple family but lately our luck has sucked!!
Hope y'alls day has been better than mine!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I GOT A JOB(s)!!

I started this blog with the intention of keeping track of the events in my life being a newlywed.  To be perfectly honest, there wasn't much worth blogging about up until now.  Sure, I was subbing but that didn't exactly warrant many updates.  Wes's job situation has been bleak to put it nicely.  So, I just abandoned this blog before it ever really got up and running.
Hopefully the great news I have gotten in the past few weeks will change that!!

First, I was contacted about tutoring for the Ole Miss athletic department.  (Very Miss Sue/Michael Oher ala The Blind Side)
And yes, I am even tutoring some pretty well-known athletes!  It is really fun and a welcome challenge.  I have 8 student-athletes a day and am helping all of them in the same class--Elementary Statistics.  It has taken a little while for me to remember some the concepts--variance, standard deviations, z-scores, etc.--since it has been 10 years since I took that class.  
*Speaking of 10 years--my class (all 32 of us that graduated in 2001) had our 10 year HS reunion last weekend.  I already had plans, so I didn't get to make it.*

The other BIG EXCITING news is that I got a teaching job for the Fall!!!!!!!!!! After sending out what seems like hundreds of applications and resumes, I was called for 4 interviews.  One of those was at a local school, and the other 3 were all 30 minutes to an hour away.  Needless to say I was really hoping for the local school to work out.  It is a wonderful school in an outstanding district.  It was also the first interview I had, so I feel like I was not at my best because I was SO nervous.  I went on the other 3 interviews and felt really good about all 3, but the driving was just going to be so much.  I was actually offered 2 of the 3 jobs.  I was able to bide some time and not answer one way or the other for a few days.  Then, I got the call to come in for a second interview for my DREAM JOB!  That was Monday.  Today I was called and told that I would be recommended for hire as a first grade teacher at the next school board meeting!  To those of you not in education, that is really just a formality.  Rarely does a school board not approve a principal's recommendation.  

To say that I am giddy/ecstatic/thrilled/relieved would be the understatement of the century.  
I will not say where exactly I will be teaching next year for privacy reasons...there are some creepers on the internet!
But, stay tuned for more frequent blog posts.  Kids make great material!