Friday, March 18, 2011

I am alive...

Wow...Can't believe I've let so much time pass without posting.  A little catch-up:
  • I started teaching for a 3rd grade teacher who is out on maernity leave.  It's nice to be in the same classroom everyday and have more of a routine.  Once this teacher returns, I'll be moving on to do a 5th grade math teacher's maternity leave.  
  • Next Saturday, I am going to a Prospective Employee Job Fair for the local school district.  I have already made some connections that I hope will help with finding a job for next year closer to home.  (I'm driving an hour each way to sub).  
  • Last weekend, Wes and I went back to Anniston, AL (where I grew up) to move my mom out of my childhood house.  WOW-my mom kept everything I had growing up.  It was nice to go through things and see stuff I had forgotten all about.  
  • While we were there, I got to see my best friend, Megan, and her husband.  I have missed that girl SO much!  
  • I CUT MY HAIR!!! Susie (my hairdresser who also did my hair for my wedding) was so nice to work me in on Saturday.  I will not let anyone else touch my hair.  Guess I'll keep driving 4 hours back to AL for her!  I don't have a picture of my hair because I'm on Spring Break and haven't put on makeup or done my hair. UGH.....And now Blogger won't even let me upload my inspiration picture!  But, I took in a picture of Lauren Conrad when she had a shoulder length bob.  

Since Blogger is not cooperating, I'll try again later.  I promise I won't take another month-long hiatus.  


  1. I was wondering where you've been! I'm glad you're enjoying teaching and I hope you're able to find a job next year!

  2. I'm glad the job is going great!! When we lived in Georgia one of the guys Randy worked out with and we always went out with was from Eastaboga! Every time someone asked where he was from he'd never say Anniston or somewhere close he had to say Eastaboga! Haha

  3. Thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Wade, for helping that "mom who kept everything" get moved!! You and your stuff were just so cute, I couldn't throw anything away!! Someday, when you have a little one, you'll understand. BYW...I love your hair.

  4. I totally understand the whole driving four hours for your hairstylist! It took me YEARS to find someone I liked as much as my girl from back home.