Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010-The Year in Review

2010 proved to be a pretty awesome year for me!  Here are a few highlights:

Started the year off in Dallas to watch Ole Miss defeat OSU in the Cotton Bowl at the new Cowboys' Stadium.  Incredible!
I laugh every time I see this picture.  Wes had just gotten a TERRIBLE haircut and has a 'shroom head!

Wes and I got engaged on February 14 in Gatlinburg. 

Sorry this is sideways...But I got my PERFECT wedding dress in March!

Had the privilege of working with some amazing ladies...and had fun doing it! This is at an academic pep rally where the "cheerleaders" pumped up the kids!    

Planned my dream wedding with the help of the best planner on earth-My Mom!
I was honored to have some amazing showers thrown for me by so many family and friends.  This is my school shower.  My best friend was so helpful in getting this all together.  Have I mentioned how much I heart this girl and how much I miss her????
LuLu and I moved to Mississippi and became a family of three!
"Enjoyed" Ole Miss football season.  Hard to do with how pitiful the team did!
I married the best guy I could ever dream of! 
We enjoyed a wonderful Mexican Honeymoon!
Celebrated my first Christmas as a Mrs.  
I hope y'all have an awesome new year!  It's gonna be hard to top this one, though!


  1. Love the pics and love your wedding dress!

    ~Romantic Savy

  2. Love your year in review...and so happy you and Wes rang in the new year together. We love you!