Friday, December 31, 2010

Low Key New Year

Wes and I had plans to have a big New Year's Eve with some friends, but those plans fell through. Honestly, I was secretly happy! For the past few years we have always spent New Year's at an Ole Miss bowl game. This year, that wasn't an option. Instead, we decided to grill out with my dad and his fiancé. It was low key and pretty great! As I have gotten older, the whole "going out" thing has lost it's appeal. My college-aged self is cringing at my upper-20s self at this very moment! Speaking of upper-20s....tomorrow officially begins my birthday month--my 28th birthday month to be exact. Whoa, I am really "getting on up there"! However, most people still think I look 18. I'm sure that'll be a blessing in the coming years.

Hope y'all had a great New Year's Eve whether you spent it out on the town or at home like me!

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