Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend Re-cap

Wes works in southern Louisiana for an oil company--not on a rig, but still in the oil industry so he has to be down there all the time.  He's done this since we met, so I guess I should be "used" to it.  When we first started dating, he worked 7 days straight and was off for 7 straight days.  I loved that schedue!  But, then thanks to BP all that changed!  He has been doing logistics stuff with the clean-up process.  Don't know specifics, because I don't really understand the oil business.  He tells me but it sometimes feels like he's speaking another language. What I do know is that they have told him to work "as long as possible" and then take a few days off here and there.  Since I'm not working right now, we both feel like he needs to work to make the money.  Anyway, all that to say that in the month we have been married (aside from our honeymoon), I have seen him for a total of four days.  NOT FUN!!  

Since Ole Miss played in Baton Rouge this weekend, we decided that would be a fun weekend for me to get to go down there and meet up with him and some of his work buddies that are hard-core LSU fans.  We met some of them for dinner Friday night and had a blast!  Then on Saturday, we went to their tailgate.  On the way there, I guess we had to walk through the "student" tailgate area.  There were beer pong tables lined all down the sidewalk. They were literally yelling in my face "TIGER BAIT, TIGER BAIT, TIGER BAIT".  I was so scared.  Wes just ignored them and kept walking, holding my hand, but I had never had an experience like that before.  It was HARDCORE!!  I wish I had pictures but I wasn't about to stop and antagonize them  any more.  Once we got to the tailgate where we were going, they all apologized and were so sorry that we had to go through that.  It was just very different from the Grove at Ole Miss.  Made me miss Oxford!!

The game was good. We lost, of course.  But, the team did better than expected and actually fought hard! 

I am back at home now, and a lonely wife again :(
I am going to Wes's hometown on Wednesday for Thanksgiving with his family.  He will actually have Thursday off, so he will get to come up Wednesday night and stay until early Friday morning.  I am excited that I won't have to wait 2 more weeks to see him like I did last time.  

Hope you all had a great weekend, also!

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