Thursday, November 11, 2010

Slowly but Surely

I'm afraid this blogging thing is going to be harder than I anticipated!  I so love looking at other blogs and find myself getting mad if that person hasn't updated in a reasonable (in my opinion) number of days.  Well, I have become what I dislike.  But, I promise to be better!

I have spent the last several days in Vardaman, MS (the sweet potato capital of the world) with my mom since WWW (the hubs) is away at work as usual.  She helps out at my grandmother's bakery this time of year because it's their busy season.  And, seeing as how unemployment has not been the most exciting time of my life, I decided to come on down to "Tater Town".   Check them out for Thanksgiving/Christmas.

I am also in the process of putting together my Christmas list.  Why is it that all through the year there are literally thousands of things I HAVE TO HAVE but when it comes to telling people what to get me, I go blank.  

Also looking at Christmas card options.  This is a first for me!  But seeing as how this is the first Christmas as a married couple, I feel like it's the thing to do.  There are TOO many options!  Shutterfly has some cute ones that are very reasonable, but I want something unique that people aren't going to see a hundred times.

I promise to blog more and to be more creative.  But, it may take a while for me to find my "voice".  

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