Thursday, January 27, 2011

Birthday Month

I have always been one to overemphasize my birthday and turn it into my birthmonth.  This year my sweet mom has had a gift for me every Saturday in January since my birthday is the last Saturday of the month this year. 

My first Saturday gift was a trip to the Mississippi Delta to go to all the pottery places.  I love Mississippi pottery but have never been to any of the studios.  We're planning on going to McCarty's in Marigold and Peter's Pottery in Mound Bayou.  Of course, we'll do some good eating while we're there also!

McCarty bowl

Lee and Pup McCarty

Peter's Pottery

Doe's Eat Place!
The second Saturday's gift was subscriptions to several magazines and a Groupon for a haircut in Memphis. 
I actually don't remember what other magazines she told me, but I know Oprah was one of them...

Last Saturday, I got a smaller sized Crockpot that I desperately needed.  (We registered for a huge one and a tiny dip sized for the wedding but not just a normal everyday size for some reason).  She also got me an Arthur Court Fleur-de-Lis trivet to go with my other pieces. 

When I got home today from subbing (I've been subbing everyday since my last post.  I think I forgot how tired I am after teaching all day.), my gift from Wes had been delivered.  He has hidden it somewhere in the condo.  I'm dying to go searching for it, but I'm going to try to be good!

Our plans for the actual birthDAY are pretty low-key.  We will go to the Ole Miss/Kentucky basketball game, then like every other year we'll go eat Japanese.  Ever since I was a little girl, we eat Japanese for my birthday. 

It'll be so nice to have everyone who loves me there with me.  I'm a lucky lady!


  1. Wow, you lucky girl! Those are some awesome gifts. I love magazines as gifts because they're the gift that keep on givin'!

  2. What a great mommy!! Hope you enjoy the last few days of our birthmonth celebrations!