Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Savings "Account"

In college, I started saving coins in a five gallon water jug.  It was my "wedding dress fund".  Psycho because I had no real prospect for a husband at the time?  Possibly....but it was easy to throw my coins in there at the end of the day and see it slowly fill up.  I did that for 5 years through undergrad and graduate school.  When I moved back to AL after college, it was HEAVY!  When I actually got engaged, it became more of a reality and I really started to think about the money I was putting in there.  When it came time to schedule dress appointments, my mom and I drug it out and started rolling the coins.  It took us a whole weekend, but in the end I had almost $2000!!!!  And it was money I never missed because it was just loose change. 

Now that I don't need a wedding dress fund anymore, I have changed my jug's purpose---It is now our down-payment fund for when we can finally buy a real house and get out of this condo.  We just started, but I know that it will add up! 

We are also planning on using the money that I have coming in from the rent I get on my house in AL that is in a REAL savings account at a bank.  

Do y'all have any savings secrets or tips??


  1. My husband has one of these! I always bug him that we should roll it so it can earn interest...but he is scared we spend it. I know a lot of people do this...I guess I should quit bugging him!!!

    The best tip I can give...use credit unions! They have the best rates possible!!!

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    ~Romantic Savy

  2. Any clothes that I take to consignment, I put that money in a certain account to save!

  3. Since I live with my fiance I have a big mason jar at my dad's house that holds loose change. Since i work for my dad I cash my paychecks and put it in there so i can't get to it. I also pick up any loose change Michael drops around the house and put it in my purse. When I drop by dad's I deposit the change. M has a huge glass jug but he is bad about grabbing the change when he wants something real quick....which is why I have my jar at dad's ha! Oh and my jar is definitely my secret wedding dress fund :)

    My credit union also has has an acct where it rolls up to the nearest dollar and put it in another savings acct with a higher dividend rate. I love it!

  4. We so need to do this! But since we live out of town and our bank is based out of MS we never have cash on us! :( BOO!

  5. PS - left you something on my blog!