Thursday, January 6, 2011


I have debated confessing my "love" for vampires for a few weeks.  I guess I might as well get it out there. 

My name is Lyndsey, and I like Vampire shows/movies/books. 

I was skeptical of the whole Twilight thing when it first got popular.  I heard how fabulous the books were, but I was an adult.  What would that look like?  To be reading the same books some of the 4th graders at my school were reading?? I think not.  Then, the first Twilight movie came out and I guess I got caught up in all the hype because I bought the first book.  I read it in a weekend and loved it!  I never admitted to anyone I had read it.  
I never even saw the movie until I could secretly add it to my Netflix queue and watch it in private. 
It was ok...but i just had to read the second (and third and fourth) book before the next movie came out.  I sped through Books 2 and 3.

Then, I kinda got stuck on the last one.  I don't know if my timing was off and reading it when I didn't have the time to devote to it or if it was hard to get into it because of how out-there it was.  As if the previous ones had been completely believable...

Then, this summer I broke away from the teeny-bopper vamps and got into True Blood on HBO. WOW!!!  I just thought Twilight was good.  Sookie and Bill are intense!  I literally watched 2 seasons in 2 weeks so I could get caught up and catch up on what had already aired of season 3.  

Then, a few weeks ago, something drew me to The Vampire Diaries on Netflix.  I added the first season to my queue thinking I would watch it while Wes was gone to work for so long.  I got the first disk and reluctantly slid it in the DVD player.  I was instantly hooked!  Flew through that disk and all the others as soon as they appeared in the mailbox.  I was so sad when season 1 was over that I bought a season pass on iTunes so i could catch up with season 2 and pick back up with the new shows once they started airing in January.  That took about....3 days.  SO GOOD!  It's a nice mix between the teenage drama of Twilight with some of the grit of True Blood. 

Now, don't get me wrong...I don't do the "memorabilia".  I don't flaunt this.  The fact that this post is even being published is a big step.  
So, please tell me I am not alone.....


  1. I was so the same way! I was like vampires..I'm not reading about vampires. Then my bff got me the book and I read it in a weekend and HAD to get the others to read pronto. And I was hooked! No shame! :)

  2. SO glad to hear I'm not alone! Thanks for the "support"!

  3. Definitely not alone. I too (reluctant to admit it) loved the twilight series. PS- we are too close not to get together sometime. At least we might run into each other at Double Decker?? Hope you are great!