Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend "Fun"

I spent this weekend doing something that had to be done, not something I wanted to do...painting!  This summer when I moved into Wes's condo I tried to feminize/update it a little bit.  This place was a shrine to all things Ole Miss.  Don't get me wrong,  l love Ole Miss too, I just don't want to live in it.  I took down all the Rebel paraphernalia and painted the kitchen, living room, dining room, and master bed and bath.  And when I say I painted it, I mean I painted it.  Wes "doesn't paint" as he put it.  He thought it was fine the way it me it wasn't!  I didn't even take any before pictures because I didn't want documentation of the ugliness that he let himself live in.
For some reason I never got around to painting the guest bedroom and bathroom.  I had already changed out the bedding and shower curtain/bath mats (you may not believe me when I say this but that boy had an OLE MISS shower curtain and bath can't make this stuff up.  This 33 year old MAN decorated as if he lived in a dorm room). 
I found a picture of it on Google so you could see how terrible it was...

My mom came up and helped me since Wes is at work.  I'm so glad I have that knocked off the to-do list.  Once I get it put back together I'll share some pictures. 

Sunday night, the SNOW came!  I had been hearing all week that it was going to snow, but we hear that a lot and it never really happens. So I honestly didn't believe it was coming.  Color me wrong, cause it came!  It is was so pretty (and still is at the moment, we'll see how long it lasts).  Here are a few pics I snapped around the condo.
LuLu hates going out in the rain, so she wasn't too sure about this snow business.

Have I mentioned I live in the same complex as my dad??  Yeah, interesting! He came out to sweep off his "work truck" so he could go to the office.

Like how he protected his windshield?  Two Buck Chuck box!

Six inches on top of the truck!   

Did y'all get any snow?   

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  1. Holey moley. We got that much last winter. But we didn't get that much this time around!

    Ha. All the Ole Miss stuff made me laugh. Men...